Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

  • Budget: $2,000
  • Timeframe: 1 Week
  • Client: Head Clouds

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. – Simple Girl

Joshua and Daniel are two men making up a band named after one man. However their moniker is a fictional addition to the Earnhardt Nascar dynasty, and this habit of blending a fantastical imagination with a firm grasp on mundane and real-world events is a prominent theme for the band. They are infinitely playful and earnest in conversation, and they are handsome enough for this to be incredibly charming. They flippantly dispatch relationship advice to the director whilst wrestling with flameproof racing overalls; a quick adjustment of spectacles and testicles and they shift gear into musician mode.

Their music’s rather endearing too – “a quasi-psych mix of folk, hip-hop inspired drum programming, and effervescent pop” – that fills up our greenscreen recording studio with melodic Beatles-like simplicity, it’s catchy and cute but heartfelt and cool as well. Visually, Josh and Daniel are in the zone, beginning to sweat under the lights in their eBay-sourced Nascar suits emblazoned with a bewildering array of logos. Please enjoy the video which echoes the fascination with these branding devices.

It was a total pleasure to have Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. perform, harmonize, banter, laugh and whistle. They made us want to visit Detroit.

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