Friends – Sorry

The band Friends are a magical collage distilling the essence of contemporary Bushwick: eclectic, melodic, resourceful, boisterous. They reinvent a ‘Cosby Show’ vibe for the Hipster Runoff generation, evoking memories of cassettes and candy circa 1990. They make their own colorful pin badges, switch instruments and dance uninhibitedly – the crew in the green screen studio weren’t sure if this was a warehouse rave or a slumber party!

Front and center is Sam incandescent with the x-factor, who sings deceptively simple lyrics with a perpetual pout as she swivels her shoulders back and forth coyly while slapping the mean beat out on her thigh. Watch her pivot on one toe and tossing her Swedishly blonde hair like a child beauty pageant queen on the verge of a very cute tantrum. Samandude Urbanski (to her Friends) is backed up by lip-licking crossword puzzle-wizard Oliver’s infectious rhythms that get the whole room bouncing as if possessed. He shares some percussive duties with the indomitable Matt Molnar, who, artfully self-styled as a neon Azamat Bagatov, crosses over to synth and bass seamlessly. Nikki sways quietly with his knowing grin like a doting chaperone.

Ready for her close-up, Lesley Hann’s spiderlike fingers slap the frets of her bass and a manic smile tears across her elfin face. All things considered, this tropical thrift store band just can’t seem to contain their joy about making music together, and having people enjoy it so much in turn. It’s really a wonderful thing. Plan something nice for the weekend y’all !!!

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