Lightouts – See Clear

Like some of the most interesting relationships in New York city, Gavin Rhodes met bandmate Greg Nelson by sticking up a wanted ad near the Gowanus Canal, or maybe it was Craigslist. Then, in October 2010, Gavin got involved in Green Screening by making the introduction to hip hop act, Tanya Morgan (soon to be featured in Green Screening) in the very same neighborhood. The lesson for today, kids, is that you just never know how you will come across the now awesome people in your life.

Albu-quirky native, the ever-stylish Gavin is a “music-obsessive” and he fully lives and looks the part. Greg Nelson on vocals and guitar lives inside a big, cool, old, theater. His mind is an expansive visual moviezone. His music is loud, fun and rock solid. And yet this unassuming man is not at all an exhibitionist in person; he is as smiley and gentle as a teddy bear in a marshmallow factory! The ’90s rock energy just pulses out of this well-matched duo. Their passion is palpable and their pal-iness passionate.

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