Soft Black

Soft Black – Lions

A band member actually lost their job over this video. For real. Note to all cashiers – phoning in sick to Eataly is met with zero tolerance or compassion and the “Batali-mart” is NOT a supporter of the Green Screening project. Big props to Christopher Ibrahim on keys for standing up for creativity against the corporate machine and saying BASTA. The actual day of filming this video was rather drama-free; the opposite in fact as it was all about musicians sharing and switching between bands like some kind of awesome indie swingers night:

Davey Jones was surely man of the match/ MVP in stepping-in to perform with 1,2,3 first thing in the morning, then fronting his own band (Lost Boy?) AND strapping on an axe for Soft Black. The unique line-up was a very special moment – a bouffant and be-striped Vincent Cacchione assembling Brooklyn’s finest to churn out a grand total of three tracks, the most of any band during Green Screening. Copious.

It was also special as Seaside Lounge was the crucible in which the album ‘The Earth is Black’ was created, and how Drew found out about it in the first place. Vin is in many ways the nexus of Green Screening, being a hub-friend connecting us to several of the other performers. Fun game: try and spot him, like some kind of backcombed New Jersey Where’s Waldo, in other videos for Caged Animals and Lone Wolf. Unbridled megalomania!

So much has been written about this supernaturally talented band of late that we can’t begin to review their sound, you really just have to feel it. Rolling Stone magazine called the outift, “A bizarro-world Neil Young with less polish and more paranoia” but we made sure they got a lot more Polish with deli sandwiches and beers from Eagle Provisions! Na zdrowie!

And no, that’s not Ron Weasley on drums.

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