Zachary Cale

  • Artist: Zachary Cale
  • Visual Theme: Ticker Tape Parade
  • Song: Love Everlasting

Love Everlasting

Zachary Cale’s presence in the Green-Screening studio is that of an earnest urchin, plucked from the cobbled street of a Charles Dickens novel, or maybe a grain sack in the back of a goods car on some southern railroad. And then he bursts into life to deliver a heart-wrenching/-warming number, sweetly entitled ‘Love Everlasting’.

The New York-based songwriter hails from Louisiana originally and after several albums and years of touring in the US and Europe, Cale has earned lofty praise – and comparisons to Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Townes Van Zandt not to mention Neil Young and Bert Jansch as well. That’s quite some company! For the new video in the Green-Screening series we decided to place the band amongst another starry coterie entirely, this time legends of stage and screen hauntingly accompany the musicians in a bespoke sepia-tinted world.

Cale’s brief was simply “how ’bout a ticker-tape parade” and you’ll probably recognize classic scenes of New York not to mention the glamorous companions on the confetti cavalcade. The music struck us as so joyful and sincere, the lilting rootsy country Zachary offers is so perfectly complimented by Alfra Martini’s urgent, wistful vocals. The rest of the lineup is part of the ‘Noise of Welcome’ band comprised solely of All Hands Electric band members, or as we like to think of it, The AHE All-Star band!

So please enjoy the enlightened words and sounds of a castaway in our times… and the magical VFX of a bleary-eyed director/editor. Oh and look our for our videos for Cale’s labelmates Woodsy Pride, Rope and Plates of Cake coming soon.

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